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PAT will focus on the core role of facilitating trade for the nation’s exporters and importers by managing, developing and promoting the PAT port services in an efficient and effective way. To achieve this PAT will;


1. Provide superb port services

1.1. It involves upgrading of wharf infrastructure and equipment to enable quick turnaround of vessels;

2. Provide safe, secure, reliable and environmentally friendly ports and anchorage;

2.1. Fully comply with ISPS code.
2.2. Operate the local wharves to facilitate and promote domestic trade and provide local travellers a clean, hygienic and environmentally friendly surrounding that is accident and pilferage free.

3. Operate and manage the port facilities and related business activities effectively and efficiently on a commercial basis.

3.1. Implementing a commercial tariff that promote productivity;
3.2. Manage the commercial operations of the port including other income generating related activities such as office rental and properties;
3.3. Delivery of Government Policy Obligations (GPO) of Government that is not commercially viable but is essential for the socio-economic development of the country.


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