The new Vuna Wharf getting more popular for Cruise Liner

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16 Dec. 2015 | Today the COSTA Cruise Liner team arrived Nuku'alofa today visited Vuna Wharf for a survey tour to ensure safety and security of their Cruise Liner as they want Tonga to be one of their South Sea destination port.

Capt. Latu Lui from FORUM Shipping Line and Deputy Ports Master, Capt. Koli Sitanilei and Security Commander, Tevita Koloi of Ports Authority Tonga welcoming and assist the Costa team about the details information for the procedures of Piloting, mooring and Vuna Wharf details information.

According to the Acting CEO of the Ports Authority Tonga and the Ports Master, Capt. Hakaumotu Fakapelea, he said the Vuna Wharf is getting more popular to attracting new Cruise Liner Agents in Asia and Europe countries and because of the tensions in the east and west the peaceful and safety is the priority for Cruise companies and the South Pacific reagions will be benefits.

The Coasta team was here in Tonga for few days and they continued their tour.




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