2012 Operations Report


Port of Nuku’alofa is integral to the economic development of the Kingdom. Exports and imports are made in this port. From Cargo handling to welcoming visitors, Ports Authority Tonga and its staff make a valuable contribution to the well being of the Friendly Islands.


Join Statement by Chairman and GM’s :  REPORT for 01 July, 2011 - 30 June, 2012


The 2011/12 year has been a challenging but fruitful year in the 13 years history of the Ports Authority Tonga. Despite our current economic situation, Ports Authority Tonga has managed to achieve its targets for the financial year.


Total EBIT from trading was $1.5 million, up 37%.


Reported net profit after tax was $1.2 million compared to a $0.8 million profit the year before. It should be noted there has been no significant increase in trade during the year but we effectively control our cost throughout the year and came about with this favourable results which is quite pleasing in a way that we were able to maximize the shareholder’s wealth in the midst of our economic challenges. It is also a milestone for the Authority in its 13 years history to reach a $1 million after tax profit.


Total Cargo throughput was up 3.4% to 243,195 tonnes.


Breakbulk (non-containerised) tonnage was also up 12% to 3,582 tonnes. Likewise Squash volume increase significantly from 1,580 to 5,444 tonnes (245%). At the same time the completion of the Nuku’alofa reconstruction and other major projects reflected in the decline in the timber and cement volume.


Container volumes were slightly down overall by 52 TEU or 0.4% to 12,185. Container volumes are expected to increase in the coming years due to the new IMO requirement for all imported cars must be containerized as it considered as dangerous goods.


The total for ship calls was 20 fewer than it was last year with 5 fewer calls from Cruise ship and 11 from Cargo ship were the major contributions to fewer ship called during the year. Despite the decline in number of ship calls Cargo volume maintain the same level as last year and Berthage revenue up 13% as the ship stays longer in port. With the opening of the new Cruise Terminal at Vuna, it is expected that the number of Cruise ship call to the Port of Nuku’alofa will increase.


The Reroofing of the Cargo Shed was completed during the year.


Queen Salote International Wharf (QSIW) concrete slap project stage 1 was also completed.


The Authority also completed ISPS requirement for Vuna Wharf and a Certificate of Compliance was issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure. Vuna Cruise Terminal is now ready to be used.


Despite the results that we have achieved this year, Board of Directors and Management are looking forward for the main challenge for 2012/13 which is to improve productivity. There is significant unrealized potential in our International Terminal which if exploit, will enable us to deliver higher returns to our shareholder, Government of Tonga.


The ongoing economic situation and in particular the challenges faced by the shipping industry provide extra force to improve our productivity and customer service. The rising fuel costs mean that our customers are looking to ports for improved turn-around times to help them keep the costs down and maintain their schedules.


In our commitment to improve the productivity we prioritise our needs and focus on the most urgent and profitable investment. We have identified that one of the constraints for improving productivity is the wharf surface which affected both our handling equipment and working time. QSIW concrete project stage 2 is currently underway an extension from stage 1.


We also committed to get more and new handling equipment for the International terminal. The Authority has signed an agreement with Hammerhead Fiji to build a proper pilot boat for the Authority.


Finally, staff development is one of the key ingredients to improve productivity. We believed that our staff should be kept updated in order to keep paste with the rapid change in the market. In that regard Ports Authority is working closely with SPC in Fiji to put up a training programme for our staff.


Faka’apa’apa atu,


Mr. Stephen Edwards (Chairman)

Mr. Mosese Lavemai (General Manager)



Issued by the: Ports Authority Tonga, Queen Salote, Ma'ufanga, Vuna Road, Nuku'alofa, Kingdom of Tonga 2013.



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