“The authority is dedicated to excellence through quality – creating value for customers, employees, and Government through continuous improvement, technology, and operational expertise. The Authority will be the best managed Government organization from 1st July 1999 in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.”



It is committed to:

  • Responding to customer’s needs and expectations with integrity;
  • Achieving the highest levels of productivity, quality and profitability;
  • Providing satisfying work and meaningful careers for all employees in an environment that promotes the health and well-being of the individual;
  • Carry out all aspects of its operations in a safe, ethical and responsible manner;
  • Be accountable – individually and in terms – for our actions and results;
  • Encourage trade and economic growth that will be most beneficial to the continuing development of Tonga;
  • Keep the port environment clean and free from pollution.
  • Be compatible with Government’s vision, goals and aspirations.



To achieve the Authority’s vision of the future:

“To provide highly competitive, efficient and effective services to port customers at least cost while providing a satisfactory economic return to its stakeholders at no environmental cost, a sound human resource management policy and promoting the social and economic development of the Kingdom as provided under Government policy.”

To make the above Mission work, everyone within the Authority must work together and continuously communicate any progress made towards realizing the Mission i.e. commitment by everyone in the Authority is the key to making the Mission work.



These are broad statements of what the Authority must do to realize the vision of the future and is in long term in outlook.

Community: To be responsive to community needs and expectations with a reputation as responsible corporate citizen.

Employees: To recruit, develop and maintain a highly motivated workforce committed to the objectives of the Authority.

Financial: To be self sufficient and financially viable with the view of continuously improve the value of the Authority.

Infrastructure: To ensure that the necessary facilities are provided to enable efficient and safe operations.

Operations: To optimize the use of the port facilities and services, and also to ensure that no one area of its operations is exposed in such a manner as to jeopardize the survival of the Authority.

Trade: To maximize port trade.

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