Establishment of the Ports Authority


Port Authority Tonga (PAT) was established under Ports Authority Act 1998 as a corporate body to promote, encourage, and assist in the development of commercially viable and efficient ports in Tonga. As a Public Enterprise, PAT is expected to operate as a successful business.

Under section 11 of the Ports Authority Act it sets out the function of the authority as to establish, improve, maintain, operate and manage ports, services and facilities in connection with the operation of any ports not limiting to;

a) The management and maintenance of adequate and efficient ports, facilities, Services and security in ports;
b) The provision of any goods or the performance of any services necessary to give effect to the objectives of the Authority;
c) The regulation of navigation and maintenance of navigation aids
d) The marketing and promotion of the use, improvement and development of ports; and
e) The co-ordination of all operations within ports.



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